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Doth Brands is a branding and identity studio at heart. Our core has always been building brands for the health, wellness, end-of-life and deathcare professions.

We’re known for our very unique specialties in Typeface Design and Pricing Design. Very few agencies worldwide offer these two unique services and we are proud to offer them to our clients and partners.

We’re known for producing designs built on a foundation of research and data. If you’re new to working with a creative agency, this basically means that we don’t assign a staff member your project and say ‘Design a logo for company X. The owner says he doesn’t like blue.’ It means we begin with research before pulling out those inks, pencils and sketchbooks. We look at your competitors and ask you a lot of questions.

Our process involves pulling data from demographics, your company sales history and projections, regional sales data, behavioral psychology, color research, spatial theory and (much) more.

We are not a traditional creative agency.


What good is that fancy, flashy website if it’s not working for your customer? There are many types of design. We focus on the kind that serves a purpose. If your goal is to increase sales leads via your website—we design to that goal.
Research and information gathering is our first step. Our second step is to review it and draw conclusions. Our third step is to begin the design process.


Cole Imperi is our Owner and Creative Director. She was introduced to branding and identity work at the age of 16. One of her first teachers was part of the team responsible for the redesign of USA Today at the beginning of the decade. Cole interfaces directly with clients and regularly speaks on her creative work and challenges facing the realms of wellness and deathcare.

You can learn more about Cole here.


Doth Brands has its primary location in Cincinnati, Ohio. We are located in a beautiful historic German village on the Ohio River. In addition, Cole Imperi works out of New York City 4–12 weeks a year allowing us to visit our clients in person.


You may call, email info@dothbrands.com, write, visit or you can use this contact form.

Our mailing address is:
Doth Brands
PO Box 42831
Cincinnati, OH 45242

Our studio address is: (Please, no mail.)
821 Bakewell St.
Covington, KY 41011


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